Everything you need to build a monster business! 

Attract and convert leads into high paying clients every single month.  



For Consultants, coaches, Experts, and Service Businesses.


Quantum is a 30-day virtual mastermind with 5 interactive programs taught through live Zoom sessions. It is one-on-one coaching & learning in a group environment. 

No self-guided courses or “Do-it-yourself” training here. Everything we do is hands-on training with proven methodology. 

Program 1: Purpose + Profit Ultimate growth Strategy!

Attract hundreds of qualified leads to your business WITHOUT paying for Ads out of your own pocket! Educate more people, and make more money! You have not seen what we are about to show you!

90% of business owners are not even aware of this strategy!


Purpose + Profit Demo and Case Studies

Program 2: 4 Pillars of Success

Forget about creating endless content, cold emails, replying to DM's, chasing people or asking for referrals. Use our battle-tested system and take your business to 7 figures and beyond! We will implement the same strategies that have been bringing big results for our clients!


Program 3: Google Gold Mine!

Attract qualified leads with Google Search + YouTube Ads. In Program 3 - We will show you how to create Google Search + YouTube Ads.

In this program, we follow the 4 pillars of success methodology, and launch Google Search & YouTube Ads that will attract the right buyers to your business.

Video marketing is very powerful if done right.

Creating an effective YouTube Ad and putting it in front of the ideal buyers.

1. Timing.  In March of 2023, Google announced major changes to YouTube Ads that included AD placement, AI, and targeting strategies. 

2. Awareness/Value =  Our 30-second Ad (hook) was about bringing awareness to our target audience.

3. Target Audience: Google is an intent-based marketing. We know the intent and mindset of our ideal customers. We targeted keywords such as “how to create YouTube Ads” “YouTube Ads tutorial” “YouTube ads marketing agency” 

Our VSL funnel provided a high-level demo of launching YouTube Ads, tips, insights and invited our target audience to book a meeting with us.

Example of one of the YouTube marketing campaigns we ran earlier this year. ( March 2023).  This YouTube AD generated us $100k in 4 months. 

Timing +  Awareness /provide value + Target Audience = $$$

Program 4: Partner/Affiliate Program

Imagine having an army of affiliates promoting your business everyday. This strategy alone can scale your business to 7 figures if done right!

We will show you how to build a killer partner program and attract the right people that will be more than happy to promote your business for you! Everything is fully covered in this program - From implementing affiliate marketing tracking software to attracting partners/affiliates that will be more than happy to promote your services. This is very powerful if done right!

According to marketing data - Affiliate marketing industry grew to $17 billion in 2023. This is a big increase from $13 billion in 2016. Digital entrepreneurs and affiliates are looking to join affiliate/partner programs every day. This strategy is a must in 2023. More likely your competition is already utilizing this strategy.

Program 5: Paid Community.

Forget about creating Facebook groups, Discord, or Slack to nurture your clients. We will show you how to turn leads into high-paying clients by running an engaging paid community. We have over 5 paid communities with over 4000+ members.
Below is an example of one our paid communities. As of July 2023, We are making $50k/month just from this community alone.

We will show you how to create a engaging paid community, and turn leads into paying clients. We will also coach you on how to create an Front end-offer that provides great value, establish trust and upsell to your main program. (Core offer). This strategy is used by top entrepreneurs and it works great, if done right.

Our Purpose Driven Community!

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